Beard & Mustache - Men's Set


      Facial Hair is the measure of a man and the sophisticated gentleman has hair growing from every nook and cranny. And while a man’s beard and mustache represent his virility and masculinity, his facial hair must be maintained and managed with grace and elegance. Made from the strongest, longest lasting materials on the planet, these trimmers and clippers are hand fabricated in the heart of Solingen, Germany and stand for centuries of European craftsmanship. Tame those nosy nose hairs, that scratchy beard, that lascivious mustache with beautiful tools built with timeless style and uncompromised strength. Handle those handlebars.

      Over the past decade, one of the most significant shifts in grooming demographics has occurred with more men (and ,of course, women) caring about the man's facial grooming. Sure, a long, scraggly beard and excess, overgrown facial hair has sometimes taken on a rougher appeal, but a larger part of the populace has begun to greater appreciate the appeal of cleaner male grooming. This has been evident here at Zamberg, as often when new and revolutionary men's grooming tools and kits are released, they tend to sell out rather quickly.

      Currently, Zamberg offers the finest grooming tools for every man to efficiently and effectively groom their face with brands they can trust, with products that will last a lifetime. Included in our current offerings are self-sharpening mustache and beard scissors that will never dull, nose and ears trimmers with protective safety tips which work wonders on those often-embarrassing nose hairs, and we are happy to say that we have several 4, 5 and 6-piece grooming kits for men currently in stock. These tend to sell out, so this would be a great time to pick one up, or send to that special man in your life. They also make great Father's Day gifts, for that special dad you know!