If you like squandering your money needlessly, then stop reading now, this article is not for you. But if you're like most of us than read on to discover how buying cheap instruments will end up costing you a lot more than you wished or even imagined.

When I was young my father would sometimes say "We're not that rich to buy cheap things." As a kid this statement didn't really stick in my mind as most profound of truths, but now, with plenty of good and not such great personal experiences I understand exactly what he meant. Now, and especially with grooming tools, I would restate this thought as "Buy your instruments once, for life!"

Grooming tools are intensely personal items (or at least they ought to be) not only because you may "catch" something when sharing instruments, which touch your skin, nails and sometimes even may come in contact with blood and some nasty infections living deep under your skin and nails. In addition to these very personal tasks that by simple squeamishness, if not by rules of personal hygiene, should give pause to anyone before sharing, these instruments come in multitudes of shapes and sizes. Finding the size and shape that is comfortable for you, or for any particular individual, including professional, usually takes a while to find and make "your own." In fact, first-class professionals spend tons of time and money to find instruments that work well and fit their personal style.

So when you spent all that time and money and do find that perfect pair of tweezers or nippers it is rather upsetting to find that your instrument is made of such poor materials that it can't be sharpened, disinfected or simply break in half and becomes useless within just a few months. Just like throwing money to the wind buying cheap, nearly disposable instruments just to throw them out doesn't make much sense either, not to mention just as costly.

It may seem like a good, money-saving idea not to "splurge", but in the long run it will cost you so much more, besides purchasing something that will save you money and health in the long run is not really a wasteful indulgence. Cheap tools, and that includes even higher priced mass market products, like Revlon or Tweezerman, won't last long and you'll just have to spend more money to buy replacement, after replacement, after replacement, etc.

Let's do some simple math. Even if the tool you find and like is cheap and you think that if anything happens you can always replace it, or even get a couple right away, "just in case", then you're already spending at least double the original price. Most probably you'll need to 3 or even 4 replacements within one year. Now, if on average even the cheap tools run $12-$15 you're willingly signing yourself up to spend nearly $45 in just one year and then again the next year, and so on! While if you spend just once you can afford to get one great tool (or set of tools) for life for the same money or even less as one year's supply of throw-aways. Only next year you won't need to buy new instruments.

While high quality tools, like products made in Solingen, Germany by Malteser, GERMANIKURE, Erbe or Niegeloh, may seem a bit more expensive, all the expense is up front. You spend money once on good tools and keep your nails and skin safe forever. Besides the replacement costs, there is an even higher, personal, physical price to the inferior tools. Cheaper products will bend, or even break your nails, causing them to split and bend in the future, it is more damage than you want for a pretty set of nails.

Let's also consider the cost of not using personal tools. If by some chance you or someone you share instruments with gets a fungal infection, even if you notice it in time the effects may be relatively easy to hide, but the underlying cause of the infection is very hard to cure and cause considerable damage. Often one course of treatment, which on its own takes a few months, is not enough and besides external medication requires people to take pills that have a very powerful and rather adverse affect on their bodies, especially liver. Months of treatments, damage to your overall health... are you sure you're ready to pay such a high price and gamble with your health and peace of mind?

My advice is - be stingy with your health and your budget. Spend once on a great instrument and never again worry about spending money or finding those great tools because they'll last you a lifetime.

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