3pcs Travel Manicure Set FINOX® Surgical Stainless Steel: Nail Clipper, Crystal Glass Stick and Nail File
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3pcs Travel Manicure Set FINOX® Surgical Stainless Steel: Nail Clipper, Crystal Glass Stick and Nail File

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This sleek GERmanikure manicure set comes with handcrafted elegant grooming tools in a luxurious and supple case that is ideal for either a man or a woman. A perfect blend of traditional hand crafting and modern materials each steel tool included in this set is handmade in Solingen Germany to the highest standards of quality. b>

Nail Clipper
Regular clippers made of cheap steel simply crush nails then fall apart after dulling. GERmanikure clippers are made of imported surgical-grade steel from Sweden the hardest steel available. This special steel keeps our clippers sharp for decades. We then secure the base with precisely machined rivets produced by a Swiss watch manufacturer to ensure the clipper will never fall apart. Our 'pin and post' contraction provides durability and a smooth operation. GERmanikure clippers are a true example of quality German engineering and production.

Crystal Glass Cuticle Remover
Beautiful healthy cuticles without cutting. Called a 'Game Changer' by celebrity manicurists!
Made of the same glass and quality as our glass nail files this tool exfoliates dead cuticle tissue gently without the risk of breaking the naturally protective skin barrier which reduces the chance of infection. Our glass cuticle stick also pushes back cuticles files and cleans up polish mistakes and debris under the nail. Fully sterilizable for professionals it can be used wet or dry and will last a lifetime. This stick does not need to be replaced. Patented permanent texture is guarantied for life.

Crystal Glass Nail File
GERmanikure crystal glass nail files are life lasting. Our patented filing surface is guaranteed to never wear out. This could be the last file you ever buy.

Patented Chemically Etched Surface - smooths and seals the nail surface without chipping tearing or gouging files can be used in any direction wet or dry to help polish and seal your nails with every stroke.
Sustainable - made with life lasting genuine crystal glass these products will not end up in the landfill.
Tempered - unique hardening process increases strength to prevent breakage.
Sterilizable - fully sterilizable surfaces designed to withstand high temperature autoclaves.
Ethical - products are handcrafted using earth-conscious practices without the use of child labor.

Warranty: Lifetime Warranty*
Material: High Carbon Stainless
Finish: Matte
# of pieces: 3