6 pcs Nickel Plated High Carbon Steel Manicure Set by Erbe, Germany
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6 pcs Nickel Plated High Carbon Steel Manicure Set by Erbe, Germany

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Everyone knows that great things come in small packages. This compact oh-so-soft nappa leather case holds a complete high quality manicure set. Gently unroll the case to reveal scissors nippers tweezers and cuticle care instruments. All of these metal tools were fashioned from high carbon steel and have a combination matte and high polish finish. Each piece is durable and dependable. Handmade in Solingen Germany by expert craftsmen this set offers years of service. Erbe's reputation as a manufacturer of practical personal care implements with contemporary and stylish designs makes owning this set a solid investment in your appearance. Handmade and with careful attention to the finer details each piece offers precision and control. The compact case is truly clever allowing it to be neatly tucked into an overnight bag. Erbe adheres to the high standards of this industry which means that the Solingen stamp isn't put on a product until it passes all the quality control tests. Everyone who know the difference between good and best will grab this manicure set and score points in the personal care category.
Material: High Carbon Steel
Finish: High Polished
# of pieces: 6