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7pc Manicure Set in Merlot Leather Frame Case by DOVO, Germany

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This complete 7 piece manicure set by Dovo is crafted of the finest stainless steel and presented in an elegant merlot leather frame case. These 100% stainless steel anti-rust and anti-allergic instruments are crafted by the Dovo experts in Solingen, Germany, who measure their performance on your happiness with their workmanship. DOVO considers the strict Solingen standards to be the starting point, not the goal, which is why their grooming tools and accessories are of superior quality. The deep rich merlot leather of this classy case is full of personality without being flashy. Each tool slips securely into its own space in the frame case, and the case clicks closed securely to protect your precision implements from damage, dust and debris. This manicure set is perfect for the lady who simply cannot settle for "good enough"; she must have "perfect", and deservedly so. Treat yourself or that special someone with an excellent gift. Included in this set are the following:

Nail scissor
Cuticle Scissor
Slanted tweezer
Triple cut nail file
Cuticle pusher/nail cleaning implement
Nail Nipper
Cuticle Nipper