'Acrux' - the ring lock system stainless steel nail scissors
Nail Scissors

'Acrux' - the ring lock system stainless steel nail scissors

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The Ring Lock System¨ developed by Premax¨ is made of a stainless steel bearing an aluminum bearing and a Teflon ring assembled with a special high precision machine used in the watch industry.This allows a precise setting of the blades eliminates the blades 'twist' and guarantees a uniform quality of the production lot.The Ring Lock System¨ improves the movement of the blade which rotating around the Teflon ring - auto lubricating and non-deforming material - keeps the blades set stable and guaranteed forever.

With the Ring Lock System¨ developed by Premax¨ the circumference around which the blade rotates is 60% bigger than on the traditional scissors this is the key to a smoother and more precise cut and a longer edge's life. Specific studies on the hand's movement allowed Premax¨ to create implements with perfect ergonomics which ensure a very comfortable and functional use.The same studies allowed Premax¨ to make for the first time two different product lines for Men and for Women distinguished also by the different colors on the Ring Lock System¨. The ergonomic handles along with the elegant design make these product lines unique and exclusive.

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Material: Stainless Steel
Finish: Matte
Joint: Ring Lock System
Shape: Curved
Size: 3.74 inch