Claude Dozorme laguiole 2-piece knife set with horn handle

Claude Dozorme laguiole 2-piece knife set with horn handle

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Treat your meat with the Claude Dozorme 2 Piece. Knife Set a must for the sophisticated gourmand with taste. A quality knife set is a beacon of your style and appreciation for fine food. Don't be caught cutting with anything less. This set comes with 2 fine tools intended to handle any slab of meat and also includes a small knife sharpener to ensure your blades are sharp. Claude Dozorme has been making quality handcrafted knives since 1902. With each one handmade from scratch finely ground and approved by a guild jury in a small town in France these knives are cutlery royalty. Thiers France is Mecca for knife crafters. The Thiers cutlery guild is responsible for outlining the regulations of cutlery making from the materials to methods used. Claude Dozorme has been a member of the guild jury for more than twenty-five years and brings the same tradition of excellence to his company. Guaranteed to cut with class for a lifetime Dozorme knives are top of the line.
Pieces: 2