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Deluxe Shaving Set with Palissandre d’Afrique Wood Handles by Erbe, Germany

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This elegant three-piece shaving set is handcrafted from high quality high carbon steel and chrome plated for longevity. The handles were designed with clean lines from fine Palissandre d’Afrique wood, also known as Wenge wood or Congolese Rosewood, which is a tropical wood that is very dark in color with a distinctive pattern. This wood is dense heavy and durable. The shaving brush holds a load of hand selected best badger hair bristles. Best badger bristles are fit to the handle in such a way that no trimming is needed to obtain the rounded shape of the brush head. Because the hairs are not cut there is a natural taper to each hair avoiding a coarse stiff feel when the brush is used. This set is plated in chromium. Chromium derives its name from the Greek word "chroma" meaning "color". In its various forms chromium produces a wide variety of hues ranging from a vibrant purple to deep red green and even brilliant yellow. When applied over a steel base chromium does not provide additional color it simply strengthens the steel protects it against corrosion or rust and provides a mirror-like shine. Chrome plated implements dating from the 3rd century BC Qin Dynasty have been found by archaeologists corrosion and tarnish free. The included razor holds a replaceable Gillette MACH3 safety razor and the chrome plated stand has a solid steel base that will not tip over when removing instruments for use. A non-skid base ensures that neither the stand nor the surface it rests on will receive inadvertent scrapes or scratches. With the combination of chrome plated high carbon steel and Palissandre d'Afrique wood this set is definitely built to last. The natural materials used in this product ensure that each item is unique.

This shaving set includes: Best badger bristle shaving brush, Gillette MACH3 safety razor with handle, Chrome plated high carbon steel stand.