German "Doppelring" Baby Scissors by Niegeloh
Baby Scissors

German "Doppelring" Baby Scissors by Niegeloh

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The baby scissors by Niegeloh were created for one purpose: to provide a safe gentle and simple trim for babies nails. The handles are designed for comfort in the user's hands and the curved blades of the scissors are extra delicate sharp and thin for babies' small and soft nails. Niegeloh's classic "Doppelring" line of tools have been in manufacture since the foundation of the company. Crafted of a special C45 carbon steel with excellent hardening performance these tools are classically styled for an elegant look. High carbon steel may rust if left unprotected therefore these tools receive a bright nickel plating as an approved long term rust barrier. Niegeloh holds a high standard for all of their products.
Material: High Carbon Steel
Finish: Nickel Plated
Joint: Lap Joint
Type: Straight
Size: 3.35 inch