German Cuticle Scissors by Malteser
Cuticles Scissors

German Cuticle Scissors by Malteser

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These curved pointed cuticle scissors by Malteser shine brightly with a wonderful gold plated finish and is made out of hard high carbon steel. The blades are sharp and curved to provide the smoothest and most effortless cuticle trim. The blades can reach those narrow hard-to-reach places and can cut any length of cuticle as is desired. These scissors are also small and convenient for travel it is a great addition to any manicure set. It also comes with a lifetime warranty if there are any manufacture defects and if maintained properly will last a very long time.
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty*
Material: High Carbon Steel
Finish: Gold Plated
Joint: Lap Joint
Shape: Curved
Size: 3.54 inch