Mason Pearson 'Pocket Bristle' hair brush
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Mason Pearson 'Pocket Bristle' hair brush

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The flashy yet functional younger sibling of the Handy Bristle the Mason Pearson 'Pocket Bristle' Brush is for the executive who travels in style. The Pocket has five firm boar bristle tufts and its cellulose handle comes in a variety of colors for any taste. Made from the best and strongest materials around this top-of-the-line grooming tool has a Napoleon complex. It‰۪s small enough to fit in any stylish bag yet the durability and quality of the materials make it a great brush for home as well. Bring it with you around the world and save yourself from bed head in Berlin or split ends in Amsterdam. Unlike your other portable accessories the Mason Pearson Pocket Bristle hairbrush is coming home with you every time.