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Pedicure Heavy Duty Toenail Nippers with Barrel Spring by Malteser, Germany

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Combining great steel, outstanding craftsmanship and attention to details, this is a pair of hand made and finished nippers would serve you really well and outlast your lifetime. Considered to be some of the best in the world, this top quality Malteser instrument is just what you need for a perfect pedicure. Top quality steel grooming instruments made with impeccable quality & craftsmanship in Solingen, Germany. 

Especially for large, thick nails craftsman of grooming instruments designed these “full jaw” Reinforced Pedicure Nail nippers to allow cutting the tough nails easily and cleanly, without causing damage to the skin around. The powerful Reinforced spring creates more pressure for the cut without actually needing to exert much pressure by you.

Hand made out of the best quality raw materials, high-carbon steel used to make these great instruments contains some of the largest amounts of carbon. Produced by a special patented by Malteser steel production method this steel is virtually rust and stain free, and hypoallergenic, making these nippers some of the hardest and most durable steel tools. These instruments made of high-carbon steel remain sharp longer and hold up over a lifetime of sharpening and beyond. This superior instrument is further enhanced by plating each component of the tool with nickel, to protect against rust and corrosion and because these are Malteser nippers the plating will never come off.

The size of nippers is perfect for easy and effective cutting of large and/or tough toenails. To protect the blades and items around, these nippers have a lock plate to hold together the jaws when the instrument is not in use.

To minimizes friction and maximizes alignment of cutting edges these nippers are held together with a screw joint. If after a while you feel that the nippers are a bit loose or you need to exert more pressure, it might be time to tighten the screw of the joint or you may need to get your nippers sharpened.

Material:  High Carbon Steel 
Finish: Nickel Plated
Size: 5.50 inch
Jaw Length: 0.70 inch
Joint: Lap Joint