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SUNgienic Dual Texture Pedicure Bar Genuine Czech Crystal Glass Rasp in Leather

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Made in the Czech Republic this pedicure bar is crafted of 5mm thick Czech glass specially formulated and tempered against breaking. Unlike other glass tools where texture may scrape or even peel off like a sticker the texture on the GERMANIKURE pedicure bar is chemically etched directly into the surface of the thick glass permanently. One side of the foot bar is formed in waves and ripples to more easily remove stubborn calluses. The opposite side is also etched to make a fine flat filing surface providing an excellent smoothing action for finishing or for filing tonails. Glass itself has natural antibacterial/anti-fungal qualities cleans up easily with simple soap and water and is durable enough to hold up to a chemical bath or steam sterilizer (up to 170 degrees Celsius). Due to popular request for animal-friendly case options this pedicure bar comes complete with a custom fitted vegan pvc protective sleeve. While breakage is possible with all glass dropping the pedicure bar from a short distance will in most cases not break it. Accept no imitations. This heirloom quality nail file is produced under patent in the Czech Republic.

Material: Crystal Glass
Size: 6.50 inch