About Solingen Germany

Although sometimes mistakenly considered to be a company, Solingen is a city in Germany that is world renowned for producing the highest quality steel. Throughout its long history, with its beginning dating back to the Middle Ages, it was known as the "City of Blades," for its superb steel and the finest craftsmanship of knives, swords, scissors, razors, surgical and many other types of precision instruments.

With its vast stores of iron ore and the abundant natural resources found in the
neighboring forests and rivers, it seems that Solingen was destined by nature to
be the world's center of the finest steel and steel craftsmanship. Chartered in
1374, it has long been the hometown of many famous brands of cutlery and hardware.

The standards of steel production and treatment were originally defined by the guilds of steel craftsmen. The master craftsmen are highly trained in their single skill, whether that was polishing, sharpening or another task, performed during each step in the manufacturing process. This narrow specialization and refinement resulted in further innovations in the stages of craftsmanship, while brilliant advances in technology and technique raised the level of steel production and skill to an unrivalled quality and impeccable precision.

Solingen remains in the vanguard of the steel industry. All of the firms that earn
the right to represent the "Solingen" name rigidly adhere to the superior standard of quality steel and craftsmanship. Because of this, the name Solingen is synonymous with these exceptional standards and is an internationally recognized name of excellence.

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