Cuticle Nippers

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      High quality cuticle nippers have long been one of the most important tools in every nail professional's kit. Other than perhaps nail clippers, there are more fake and poor quality cuticle nippers online at Amazon and other outlets than any other manicure product. Simply put, if you are offered a “high quality” pair of cuticle nippers for 5 bucks, you are being lied to about the quality and it is very much buyer beware. Don't buy them. The poor engineering and soft steel will have the blades bang into each other every use. They will be damaging and hurting your cuticles before you finish the first use.

      Zamberg offers some of the finest manicure cuticle nippers, including GERMANIKURE's entire product line. Previously cited in Nails Magazine, GERMANIKURE offers high quality cuticle nippers made of high carbon stainless steel with patented and innovative “crush stoppers,” which keeps the blades sharp for decades since they never actually touch. They offer 3 different unique heads, each available in 4 different sizes.

      Just remember, please do your research before purchasing cuticle nippers from Zamberg, or any other website or store. The majority will be made of soft, cheap steel, which will dull as quickly as the first use rendering them basically obsolete. A little research and trust in the fine brands we offer will ensure only the best cuticle care.