Ingrown toenail nippers

      Ingrown toenails are painful. If you have ever experienced one or more, you know this already. And, if you try to treat ingrown toenails with everyday nail clippers, even high quality stainless steel clippers, you will likely make the pain and infection even worse.

      Ingrown toenail nippers are made specifically to treat, and to help avoid, ingrown toenails. Zamberg offers some of the finest ingrown toenail nippers on the market. GERMANIKURE nippers are made exclusively in collaboration and consultation with podiatrists. The tower point jaw shaped nippers are great for getting into tight places, while the double-action nippers feature a convex jaw shape to reach corners and avoid cutting into the toe. These double-action nippers are great for diabetics, with a much lesser risk of cuts. Other specially designed nippers for ingrown toenails made by DOVO, Erbe, and Malteser also have uniquely shaped jaws and handles to help treat ingrown toenails. All of these fine manufacturers also feature handles that require less stress to cut. This helps to treat even the hardest and thickest toenails with minimal stress.

      The Zamberg staff is highly knowledgeable about the intricacies of these fine ingrown toenail tools, and will be happy to help you find a pair that works with your specific needs, skill set, and budget.