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      Your manicure tools and implements are only as good as your manicure accessories. Okay, in reality this is only partly true, but we over-dramatized to emphasize how important maintenance and protection are to keeping your fine implements used in manicure clean, sterile, safe, and manageable.

      Many of the manicure sets offered by Zamberg come with complementary leather or suede cases, which is one of the keys to keeping these tools sharp and efficient for decades. But, we fully understand that many people have their own individual needs beyond the standard offerings. Some of you have multiple tools you want to protect with one case, or you would prefer a certain pouch or case size to house your manicure kit. If you are someone who partakes in manicure work on the road, our tool belts are the perfect solution to having access to many tools and polishes in a small, confined work area. One of our leading brands, GERMANIKURE, debuted this “mobile manicure” system at New York Fashion Week in the fall of 2019, and has since become a standard for remote manicure work worldwide.

      If you look through all of our manicure accessories, you will also find high quality lubricants, specially designed and engineered for fine steel manicure implements. For those that don't think lubricating your German manicure tools is important, we invite you to try operating your car for several years with no oil. Thankfully you wouldn't. You'll also find tool and manicure set cases in various sizes and materials like leather and nylon, all specifically designed to protect your manicure tools. You won't find high quality leather manicure cases like these in your local dollar store, drug store, or retailer, and simply using any case you find to protect your valuable implements could be catastrophic and dangerous to your tools.