Spotting Fake Glass Nail Files

Over the past decade, the emergence of Crystal Glass Nail Files has been one of the best things to happen to the beauty and nail industry, and also one of the worst.

 Very few things cause us, at Zamberg, to lose sleep, but we are truly dismayed at the gargantuan number of fake glass nail files being sold on Amazon and other leading retailers to unsuspecting buyers.

 Zamberg is proud to feature the entire GERmanikure crystal glass nail file line.

These files are made from the highest quality Bohemian glass and produced in the Czech Republic. For as little as ten bucks, you can have a crystal glass nail file that will last for decades. Instead of chipping nails, these files actually seal your nails, making your nails healthier! And because the files are chemically etched, the texture will never come off, or dull. No gouging, or tearing of nails, just a perfect texture every time. And at 3mm thick, they are nearly unbreakable.

 Beware of fakes.

 The success of high-quality glass nail files has erupted into a plethora of fakes. Buying these fakes will not only damage your nails, but in the longer run will also damage your wallet. Many will not last past the first use, if indeed they last that long. And the damage they do to nails can take weeks, months, or longer to correct along with costly repair methods. Simply put – do not buy fakes.

 Here are some tips on spotting fakes.

 False claims.

Dig a little deeper into reviews and Q&A's on Amazon, and research company names outside of Amazon. We just looked at a popular glass nail file choice that offers an etched texture in the description, but several comments confirm sprayed on texture that peels. This one was selling 20 files for $10, and further research shows the files are made in China. We can likely find 20 red flags here, to match the number of files in the plastic packaging.


Many fakes being sold are 2mm thick (thin) and made of cheap glass in China. GERmanikure's are 3mm and chemically tempered for extra hardness.

Check the texture.

Run your fingernail down the file, paying special attention to where the handle meets the file. If you don't feel a slight step down in file thickness, that means the texture was sprayed on.

 Do the scrape test.

Take a coin and scrape the texture of the file. On fakes, you will see the texture scrape off the file after just a few normal scrapes. Warning – if you bought one of these, seeing all the texture scrape off can be unsettling to your stomach, especially if you actually used the file to shape your nails.


Check the file surface.

Are there any visible chips? Many cheap Asian fakes are chipped or cracked even before they leave the factory. GERmanikure glass files have slightly rounded safety edges, and the chemical tempering does not allow them to chip.


File protection.

GERmanikure glass nail files come in a leather case for the ultimate protection. Fakes may come in plastic, or no protection at all.

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