Cuticle scissors


      Cuticle scissors are used by nail professionals to gently treat cuticles. These specialty scissors are made from hard stainless steel and feature slightly curved blades which are designed to assist with harder to reach areas.

      In practice, manicure cuticle scissors are essentially used to cut off the excess, dried skin of the cuticles. They are especially thin, sharp and delicate, so that only the dead portion of the cuticles will be cut. Manicure cuticle scissors come in many shapes and sizes. Some are made extra pointed and curved upward, while the tips are curved inward to make them extra fine, allowing just the tips to reach the dried cuticle without cutting off anything else. Cuticle scissors also allow you remove the cuticle with one clean, smooth cut, unlike the more popular cuticle nippers, which require many snips and results in a more ragged cut.

      Zamberg offers a variety of world-class cuticle scissors. Among our offerings are GERMANIKURE's self-sharpening cuticle scissors, which are made of high carbon stainless steel. These cuticle scissors are handmade to last a lifetime. We also offer the extra-pointy, tower point cuticle scissors by Malteser, which are made of Inox stainless steel. Please check our full line of manicure cuticle scissors. There is something for every budget, and every level of manicurist.