Why Spend More?

“Penny wise and pound foolish.”

That saying was supposedly coined by English writer Robert Burton, who passed away in 1640. Yet, nearly 400 years later, this might be the best way to describe people who continue to buy cheaply made grooming tools. Not only do cheap grooming tools actually end up costing more money, they are dangerous and bad for the environment.

Here's why: While this is only one of perhaps hundreds of examples, we will use the most popular home grooming product to make our point – nail clippers. There are way more $3-$5 nail clippers on the market than quality clippers. And using a low quality nail clipper is both costly and unhealthy. The average cheap pair of nail clippers becomes dull and jagged after about 3 or 4 uses, if it stays together that long. An average person could send $50 worth of used, unhealthy clippers to a landfill every year. Or, they could buy a quality, Solingen-made nail clipper on Zamberg one time for $30 and have it last the rest of your life.

And, how many times has a pair of nail clippers come apart in your hand, making the clipping dangerous to your nails, fingers, and hands? This happens due to mass-production and cheap construction. Guess who produces the most cheap steel of any country - China, and it's not even close. China produces 10x the amount of steel than the next closest country – India. This is the same cheap steel that makes up most of the products sold at discount retailers and online stores.

I'll take your nail clippers and raise you...

Nail clippers are only one example. Multiply the above to every other grooming product sold. Imagine the insane amount of money that basically gets thrown away every year, and every day. Then consider the amount of cuts, infections, and the amount of nails that have been ripped, torn, and crushed by cheap dollar steel products masquerading as real grooming tools. All this adding to the 300 million tons of waste produced yearly in the U.S. alone.

Here's another brief analogy. Many of our personal friends tell us that they never made any home improvements until it was time to sell the house, many years after buying the house. They spend the money after 20 years, and will be able to enjoy the better quality of life for only a few weeks. We always encourage friends to do those improvements after buying the house. It will likely cost less, and will provide enjoyment for many years. With grooming tools, we showed above how it won't even cost more upfront. Chances are you will have saved money your first year and enjoyed the best and healthiest beauty care of your life, never having to think about replacing your tools again. Ever.

Check out the amazing products we offer at Zamberg, manufactured in Solingen Germany by leading companies like GERmanikure, Malteser, Erbe, and Niegeloh. These products are surprisingly affordable and will save you hundreds of dollars or more over your lifetime. And, they will keep you healthier, happier, looking better, feeling better, and helping to save the environment.

Helpful Hint: We strongly recommend not sharing personal grooming tools. The practice of using another person's implements can often lead to a fungal infection. Even catching these infections early may not be enough to avoid longer term skin damage, health issues, and expensive medical treatments.

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