Glass Nail File Sets

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      Glass nail file sets offered by Zamberg have become wildly popular for both nail professionals and nail novices. Why have they become so popular? Zamberg offers sets containing the true standard in glass nail files made by GERMANIKURE, and because these files are durable, healthy for nails, motivational, and extremely affordable, most customers buy more than one file anyway!

      There are many reasons these glass nail files, and sets, are among our best sellers. They are made from thick, nearly unbreakable Bohemian glass in the Czech Republic and by “sealing” the nails, they actually make nails healthier. Many of the files contain inspirational and motivational phrases, and the more different inspirational options available on a daily basis just increases the opportunities for extra motivation. And because the file texture is chemically etched directly into the thick glass, it will never wear off, allowing you to file wet or dry, and any direction. Not only do cheap imitation glass files have texture that peels or scrapes off, those disposable files end up quickly in landfills, making them bad for your nails and the environment!

      Our sets also offer some of the finest specialty glass files on the market. Items like the 2020 Health Magazine award-winning glass manicure stick, the highly regarded and effective glass pedicure bar, and the specially shaped and grooved moon curve glass file are all included within some of these sets. You can actually perform a complete manicure or pedicure without using a single cutting tool, just the glass manicure stick and pedicure bar!

      Why not invest in one of these sets, which with proper care will last decades or longer, while saving money over buying each individual glass file?

      Shopping tip: Zamberg manicure sets make great Mothers Day gifts!