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      Toenail trimming 101: Most experts will tell you to cut your toenails straight across, leaving some visible nail as opposed to into the skin. This is especially true for the corners, which if cut too deeply could lead to foot infection and/or ingrown toenails. Of course, a good number of us will listen to expert advice then do as we want to. Whether you listen to the experts, or act a little more rogue, the good news is that Zamberg offers an amazing variety of professional, stainless steel toenail clippers and nippers designed specifically for these sometimes challenging appendages.

      The key to buying professional quality toenail nippers and clippers is making sure the steel is extra hard, and the stress on your fingers and hand is minimal. The stress is important because thicker toenails require extra force to cut. Companies like GERMANIKURE, Malteser, and Niegeloh all offer products derived from high carbon stainless steel. Other features to consider while shopping for the right pair of toenail nippers are the angle of the jaws, and the amount of force needed to cut. GERMANIKURE makes a “myopic” nipper with two joints which dramatically reduces the force needed to make a cut. The Niegeloh offering features a 3mm wide jaw opening and concave cutting edges.