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      Hand appearance matters! If you don't believe us, simply Google “how important are good looking hands?” and you'll find a plethora of surveys, studies, and reasons why women and men (yes, men) are taking their hand and nail appearances more seriously than ever. We can also speak from experience here. Many would think nail care and appearance is insignificant on covers of leading fashion magazines, but one of our exclusive brands, GERMANIKURE, regularly provides a professional nail team for just these model cover photo shoots, and has a full nail team on site at New York Fashion Week. It's just more proof that people ARE noticing your hands and nails!

      It would be easy to think appearance is the only important criteria for hands and nails, after all nail polish sales accounted for more than $10 billion dollars worldwide in 2020, and is estimated to increase to $18 billion by 2027. Zamberg fully understands the importance of offering products that will keep hands and nails looking beautiful, but just as important, our tools will keep hands and nails healthy as well! Our hand manicure tools are hand-manufactured in Solingen Germany, by adult artisans using only the finest steel and designs. Nail clippers sold at Zamberg will cut your nails, not crush them, like ones you buy at your local drug store or online retailer. They also will not fall apart or dull after just a few uses. The ones we sell will stay sharp and last a lifetime. We also stress the importance of cuticle care, with only the finest nippers, scissors, glass nail files, and manicure sticks. Our implements are made to seal nails, and keep cuticles clean and infection-free.

      On this page, you will find the finest quality, professional nail manicure tools being sold up to 60% off retail pricing. We can offer these special prices because we were the first retailer to bring some of these products and brands to the United States, enabling personal relationships and surprisingly affordable prices to our manicure pedicure tools professional. The Zamberg team also has intimate knowledge of the products we offer, so please feel free to reach out with any questions or feedback.