Zamberg offers a full array of facial extraction tools, which includes professional blackhead (comedone) removers, by some of the finest companies like GERMANIKURE, Malteser, Gosol, and Erbe:

      • disposable comedone knives/comedone needles;
      • stainless steel comedones extractors with two loops;
      • blackhead removers with one loop;
      • handles for disposable comedones knife;
      • double blackhead removers;
      • stainless steel cosmetic lancets.

      Blackheads develop when hair follicles or pores become clogged with oil and dead skin. Most of the tools sold at Zamberg have specially designed loops which surround the blackhead, squeezing out whatever is blocking the pores. Just this basic description of the process should be enough to convince you that you must trust your facial care tools to be precise, and made of fine stainless steel that will not rust and is easy to disinfect. Be assured that all skin care tools we offer are made of the finest, safest materials.

      Zamberg also offers tools for blackhead extraction with dual loops, which helps when you have less room to work, and stainless steel lancet extractors with a hand ground, precise blade on one end, and a rounded cup shape on the other end for more flexibility.