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      There is no denying the widespread popularity of nail clippers. After all, they are convenient and often very inexpensive. But of all the manicure tools you may purchase, nail clippers might just be the most dangerous. They likely won't kill you, but they might kill and crush your nails if you buy the cheap clippers offered online, or at your neighborhood drug or dollar store.

      Fortunately, you have come to shop at Zamberg. All of the nail clippers and nippers we offer are made of hard steel that stays sharp longer. Sharpness is everything when discussing nail clippers. Sure, lesser quality clippers also fall apart, while better quality clippers have locking pin and post mechanisms. But we'd rather see a cheap nail clipper fall apart early, since it's likely that same clipper will only remain sharp for 3 or 4 uses. You can do the math. You can buy 52 nail clippers a year at a buck a piece online ($52 per year) and enjoy relative sharpness all year, though still not as effective due to lesser quality materials. Or, you can buy a high quality nail clipper here at Zamberg starting at around 25 bucks that is well built and will stay sharp for many years.

      We also offer a variety of high quality, professional nail clippers and nippers designed specifically for toenails, made from high carbon steel to effortlessly handle even the toughest, thickest toenails. You will feel the difference the first time you use a high quality nail clipper or nipper from Zamberg.