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      The world has come a long way since the first form of razors consisted of jagged, shattered pieces of seashells and rocks. In some way, we wish we could ship all the cheap, disposable razors and blades back to that stone age, because they do more harm to faces, skin, and landfills than they do good, unless you like nicks, cuts, and skin disease.

      Zamberg is proud to offer real shaving options, and some of the finest razors in the world. Our razor selection includes both straight-edge and traditional safety razors by some of Germany's finest brands such as Erbe, Timor, and Hans Baier. Our quality razor offerings include ones with root wood, chrome, polished finish, and walnut handles, and blade packages manufactured in Solingen Germany. We also have several premium quality straight-edge razors in stock.

      People who use quality razors and blades offered by Zamberg see and feel the difference after a single swipe of the tool. We are genuinely excited to continue to help people realize true shaving, and to introduce real shaving to new generations, with options and features to fit every lifestyle and budget.