Travel Manicure Sets

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      How many times have you been on vacation, and you have had a nail or skin emergency? If you are like us, it happens often. Hangnails, splinters, and cuts come immediately to mind. Some emergencies are more painful, or even more dangerous, than others, leading to possible infection. Did you make the situation worse by buying a manicure tool or tweezers at whatever department, drug, or convenience store you could find that sells cheap imitation tools? And for our nail professionals, how many times have you been caught somewhere away from home, without your regular manicure kit, in need of high quality tools?

      Zamberg is proud to offer the same high quality manicure tools offered individually within specially designed and curated travel manicure sets by some of the industry's leading brands, including GERMANIKURE, Dovo and Erbe. These sets contain the same manicure tools made in Germany of the hardest high carbon stainless steel, and conveniently housed within small leather pouches and cases. All of these sets are TSA approved, and fit in your luggage, backpack, or office drawer. Some are small enough to fit in a purse, or even an oversized pocket, making them very easy to take with you anywhere. We even offer super mini sets, and nail clippers in a leather keychain pouch. The size of the sets might be small, but the performance of these tools is anything but small. Every item in every travel manicure set we offer will likely last your lifetime. Compare this to the basically one-use, disposable tools you might buy in a road emergency, and you will want one of these highly affordable sets before the next time you leave your house.

      Shopping tip: Zamberg manicure sets make great Valentine's Day, Father's Day and Christmas gifts!