Baby Scissors


      Parents begin trimming a newborn baby's finger and toenails as early as one month after being born, and there are few things more delicate than a baby's hands and feet. Regular, adult scissors and clippers should never be used on a baby. Adult tools are made for adults, which have much larger fingers and toes. Fortunately, Zamberg offers a variety of high quality baby manicure scissors at affordable prices.

      Baby manicure scissors have many features that help to ensure safety. These scissors, while made of fine quality hard steel, have rounded edges to prevent cuts and potentially harmful cutting mistakes. They are smaller than adult scissors, and the blades are shorter to provide a more gentle and comfortable cut. And because it is difficult to keep a baby attentive, many of the baby manicure scissors we offer come in attractive colors and designs to help keep the baby attentive and amused.

      Before purchasing a pair of baby manicure scissors, we recommend you confirm the quality of the steel, and that the metals are rust-proof and do not contain any additives that could cause an allergic reaction. Zamberg is proud to offer only the finest products for your baby.