Triple-Cut Steel Nail Files

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      Owning a triple-cut stainless steel nail file is like owning a piece of history that may soon go away. Traditional grooving machines in Solingen Germany have been around for the last century, but they take highly skilled artisans to operate and to keep them running. With a market now saturated with lesser-quality, cheaper-metal files, it is only a matter of time before these files become extinct. Fortunately, Zamberg still has a full inventory of these heirloom quality steel nail files.

      Using high carbon or cobalt steel, the triple-cut stainless steel nail files feel special because of the unique texture. The double-sided grooves allow enough friction for use on artificial nails, and a soft enough flex to prevent damage to natural nails. The grooves are smoothly cut, creating texture and consistency that is not possible to achieve with modern machinery. The pointed tip allows for cleaning debris under the nail, while the rounded handle can be used to safely push back cuticles, making them highly efficient. And, these sustainable files will last a lifetime!