Ingrown Files and Lifters

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      Ingrown toenails are painful, and if left untreated will likely result in some degree of infection from mild to serious. Ingrown toenail lifters help to alleviate the ingrown portion of the nail by allowing the area under the nail to be cleaned of any debris, and can also be used to apply medication. Some ingrown toenail files can also do double duty as lifters. Gently filing the side of the ingrown nail while lifting helps to remove extra and dead skin.

      Zamberg offers a number of lifters, curettes, and files by leading companies like GERMANIKURE, Erbe, and Malteser. These products all have special features to treat ingrown toenails. The quality starts with high carbon, surgical stainless steel, which is a material uniquely able to make contact with the ingrown nail. Not only will these tools last decades or more, but they are autoclave safe and fully sterilizable. Ergonomic handles and octagon shapes are other features available, which allow for improved arm and wrist stress, and less chance of these implements rolling off a table which could damage the tool.