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      Wet shaving is not merely a mundane ritual - it is an art form that holds profound significance for every man! That's why Zamberg offers a wide selection of premium-quality classic shaving kits for wet shaving. Moreover, when it comes to sheer elegance and top-notch grooming care, we can't think of a better gift for that special man in your life than a high quality shaving set for wet shaving from Zamberg.

      While shaving is believed to have started in the old stone age, men who continue to shave with disposable blades and handles, and chemically tainted cans of high pressure lubricating substances called shaving gel or foam really haven't moved that far past the day when razors consisted of broken rocks and seashells. We are pretty sure the nicks, abrasions, skin diseases, and rashes would be pretty consistent with stone age grooming.

      Zamberg offers men shaving kits and sets which include:

      • safety razors with heirloom quality chrome;
      • chrome plated metal stands with non skid base;
      • brushes made of badger hair;
      • blades produced in Solingen Germany.


      The brushes in our wet shaving kits are also of the highest quality, made of badger hair. Nothing synthetic here!

      Also, our collection includes travel shaving sets with an elegant case. Whether you're headed on a weekend getaway or a longer journey - our sets will always help you stay on top!

      Our kits for men are among the finest shaving ensembles in the world at affordable prices. We strongly believe that any man who truly cares about his face, and skin, needs to move on from stone age quality shaving.

      Shopping tip: Zamberg shaving gift set is a great gift for him!