About Zamberg

We are the “Snobs” you should actually like!

Being an elitist, or a “manicure product snob,” is never easy. We've been at it since 1999, and we try hard to shake those distinctions. But the truth is, we have to be this way if we are going to help consumers who truly care about quality and value.

Only a select few manufacturers are offered on Zamberg.com. We were the first distributor to bring some of these top, world-renowned grooming product brands to the United States, some exclusively. And our personal relationships with several of these brands has made it possible to offer their products at surprisingly affordable prices.

Here's why Zamberg is trusted by our customers.

Who do you trust as a reputable retailer or distributor? It's hard to trust the biggest online and big-box retailers when most of the grooming products they sell or push are made in Pakistan or China. Heck, many products they claim to be German or Solingen are really made in Asia.

At Zamberg, we guarantee all of our products are highest quality. No fakes! And we maintain our credibility through our staff. Our team has an intimate knowledge of the steel manufacturing process and Solingen products, and hold the same ethics that people look for in order to truly trust a company. The exclusive relationships we have built with many of Solingen's manufacturers allow us to bring these products directly to you. This ability to bypass resellers and middlemen allows us to pass the savings direct to our customers. And, our experts carefully review each product before it becomes available for sale at Zamberg. When you peruse our website, you are truly seeing the finest of the fine.
When you shop at other places, it's hard to know what you are buying. At Zamberg, you know because we know. All we do are fine grooming products, and we intimately know our products!

More of the Zamberg difference.

Since we only work with companies of impeccable reputations and products that will last your lifetime, it makes our job of providing the best customer service, 100% satisfaction guarantees, and  affordable prices quite simple.

In addition to our extensive steel and glass product inventory, Zamberg also offers a wide selection of other, exceptionally made, European and U.S. hygiene and personal healthcare products by the same quality of manufacturers.

Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal.

When you buy something at Zamberg, you are buying more than a product – you are buying a brand and a distributor! Beyond our 100% satisfaction guarantee and 30-day return policy, you can speak directly with a staff of experts that can answer your questions, or even help you choose just the right products. We want to be THE company you trust for all your personal grooming product needs. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service department and we will be delighted to provide you with assistance and answers.

•    1-800-856-7736 (M - F 9AM to 5PM EST)
•    e-mail: orders@zamberg.com

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