Nail Scissors


      Nail Scissors have made an amazing comeback. Often maligned for decades, nail cutting scissors have evolved so dramatically over the past few years that the recent “popularity” of using clippers to trim and manage nails seems almost obsolete. While professional nail scissors have always been the healthier and more durable option than clippers, we now sell world-class scissor products that offer self-sharpening, composition from the hardest high carbon stainless steel on the market, and technologically advanced ergonomics.

      Decades ago, who would have ever thought that using nail cutting scissors could actually be good for your health? The advanced ergonomics featured on several of our offerings provide relief to arthritic hands! And there are other health benefits to using quality nail scissors, which are fully sterilizable, which has taken on an added importance in the past year. Unlike cheaply made clippers sold online which never stay sharp and crush your nails, professional nail scissors available through Zamberg are made of the hardest steel, and remain sharp for decades. Nail cutting scissors cut nails, while cheap nail clippers crush nails. And for those professionals that need extra-sharp cuts at all times, check out GERMANIKURE's self-sharpening manicure nail scissors.

      We are happy to see the rest of the world catch up to Europe, where quality nail scissors have always been the #1 choice of discerning nail aficionados. With increased interest has come increased options with scissor shapes and sizes, and specialty nail scissors for cuticles, babies, and different combinations. Make Zamberg your one-stop shopping home for current and future trending nail scissor products.