Glass stick


      Glass manicure sticks have trended more positively over the past few years than any other manicure product. Several years ago, these glass sticks were not deemed “essential” to a nail professional's tool kit. Times have changed! Several prominent manicurists have been cited naming the glass cuticle pusher their most valuable kit tool, and the health benefits of the stick have also been recognized. Most recently, a 2020 “Best Of” award by Health Magazine was given to the GERMANIKURE brand cuticle product. There is no better way to perform all aspects of cuticle care, and at a very affordable price.

      What is it that makes the Germanikure glass cuticle pusher such an important part of current manicure professionals and amateur nail aficionados alike? We think it's a combination of health benefits, and variety of uses. By variety, we mean one end is tapered, and one end is slanted. The tapered end allows you to access small, creviced areas. The textured slanted end allows for the safe scraping of dead cuticle tissue or hardened skin. And since there are no sharp edges or blades, there is no risk of accidental cuts or nail damage. The glass manicure stick is also fully sterilizable, and made of Bohemian glass from the Czech Republic making it highly durable. These are some of the reasons the best glass nail cuticle pusher has become all the rage on social media among some of the leading professionals in the industry!