Buying the Best Nail Clippers

Let's be honest... how many of you sometimes use your nail clippers to cut something other than your nails? Like being in the bathroom, and you need to cut a string tag off new clothes? What can be easier that that one quick clip? 

Here's the trick...

Go to Amazon (or your local discount retailer) and buy a $3 nail clipper. Stick that clipper out of sight, so only you know it exists in case you need to clip some string. Then, come to Zamberg and buy a real nail clipper to use on your nails only, and NEVER EVER EVER use a cheap imitation nail clipper on your nails or skin!

 Nail clippers are truly one of the greatest grooming tools ever invented for those who love simplicity and faster grooming. Invented in the late 19th century, today they are the most widely used household grooming product. But, all nail clippers are not the same.


There are way more $3-$5 nail clippers on the market than quality clippers. And using a low quality nail clipper is both dangerous, and costly. The average cheap pair of nail clippers becomes dull and jagged after about 3 or 4 uses, if it stays together that long. An average person could send $50 worth of used, unhealthy clippers to a landfill every year. Or, they could buy a best nail clippers, highest quality, Solingen-made nail clipper on Zamberg one time for $30 and have it last your lifetime.

 The difference is in the steel, and the manufacturing. Solingen steel is high carbon steel, which lasts and stays sharp for decades without rusting. The stronger steel allows for easier, more ergonomic handling, and allows clippers to be specialized for children, and for the toughest and thickest toenails. Cheap nail clippers crush nails, quality nail clippers cut nails.

 And how many times has a pair of nail clippers come apart in your hand, making the clipping dangerous? This happens due to mass-production and cheap construction. Look at the details of professional nail nippers sold at Zamberg, which are hand-assembled and riveted without cheap hooks.


Lever-shaped trimmers (standard nail clippers) are slightly less precise but provide faster and more convenient nail cutting than nippers. Pressing the lever straight down brings the blades close together and produces the cut.

 Plier-shaped trimmers (nail nippers) offer a bit more precision by squeezing the two handles together.

 Heavy duty clippers (toenail clippers) are made for the toughest, thickest nails. Made of extra strong steel and mainly used for toenails, you can also purchase heavy duty clippers for fingernails when needed. The clipper blades are also specialized, with convex blades (curved inward) best on toenail, and concave blades (rounded outward) best for fingers.

 Helpful hint: Most experts will tell you to cut your toenails straight across, leaving some visible nail as opposed to into the skin. This is especially true for the corners, which if cut too deeply could lead to foot infection and/or ingrown toenails. Zamberg offers an amazing variety of professional, stainless steel toenail clippers and nippers designed specifically for these sometimes challenging appendages.




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