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      Manicure Implements used to be looked at like you do supporting actors in movies, or role players on your favorite sports team - not the sexiest tools in a manicurist's kit, but important tools that help keep nails and cuticles clean and healthy. Times have changed. Instead of merely helping and assisting the sexier tools and cosmetics like clippers, nippers, files and nail polish, the glass manicure stick has moved the formerly “boring” implements into the limelight.

      Simply put, GERmanikure's Glass Manicure Stick is one sexy implement. From it's sleek look and design, to its multiple functionality, the world's top celebrity and professional manicurists can't stop raving about it. This stick is a bona fide game changer, providing the healthiest and safest cuticle care on the market. The two tips allow for pushing back cuticles, cleaning under the nail, and exfoliating dead cuticle tissue. It even files hangnails, smooths calluses, and removes excess nail polish. It cleans easily with soap and water, and is fully sterilizable. And, the patented texture will never wear out, meaning it will last a lifetime and not end up in a landfill. For all of us earth lovers, is there anything sexier than an environmentally friendly product that replaces the need for multiple other non-environmentally friendly products?

      We also understand the glass manicure stick may not be for everyone, and we are proud to offer a number of other fine products from leading manufacturers to cover every need of manicure maintenance and treatment. Here are a few of the specialized implements that we currently have available.

      Cuticle Pushers do basically what their name suggests. They push back cuticles and nail bed skin to prevent overgrowth and hangnails which helps keep cuticles neat and healthy, and clean out dirt and dead skin from the nail bed.

      Nail Cleaners remove the dirt that gathers under the nail, and can also help clean between the nail and cuticle. Most nail cleaners have a triangular-rounded tip to ensure minimal damage or scraping of the undernail, and to avoid any cuts that could infect. Zamberg offers a number of high quality nail cleaners made of the finest high carbon surgical steel.

      Nail Scrapers are used to remove hardened dirt, solid keratin debris, or tough parts of nails. While scrapers can perform an important function of nail care, they should not be used on healthy nail tissue and do not need to be used as part of regular nail care and maintenance.

      Cuticle Knives have fine, sharp blades which remove cuticle and dead skin that is already loosened and pushed back. Cuticle knife blades come in straight edge, or “V” shape. The blade should run along the nail bed firmly but gently, making sure not to cut any skin.

      Helpful Hint: One of the most important things to remember in keeping your steel implements working like new and lasting a lifetime is to make sure they are cleaned and protected after every use. This includes: • Not soaking your implements in detergent or plain water. Instead, immerse in an EPA-registered disinfectant solution for 10 minutes before and after each use. • Making sure any implement edge is capped, or otherwise protected, to keep tips sharp and to avoid any accidental scratching. • Never dropping implements, which could damage the tools or dull the tips.