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      Discover the Best Eyebrow Tweezers Collection

      Tweezers are one of the easiest and cheapest beauty tools to buy at any discount store or website, but buying cheaply made tweezers is bad for your health, and your beauty.

      How many times have you squeezed a pair of tweezers to remove unwanted hair, or pluck eyebrows, only to have your fingers slip because the eyebrow tweezers are not properly aligned? Or, you squeezed too hard that you either bent the cheap steel or the tweezers gapped open? These issues happen with cheaply made and sold tweezers as early as the first use, and are bad for both your skin, and budget. Zamberg only sells high quality tweezers, made with extra hard stainless steel, by companies like GERMANIKURE and Malteser.

      GERMANIKURE promises that their tweezers will never gap. This is assured by using much harder steel, and a more detailed and precise manufacturing process. Along with more secure grips, these hand-sharpened tweezers are guaranteed for life and will indeed last a lifetime. Malteser offers stainless steel  models that are lightweight, slanted, and perforated for a more secure grip. Other fine brands Zamberg offers include Niegeloh, Premax, and DOVO. At Zamberg we can help you find the perfect tweezers just right for your hands, and your budget.