Cuticle Removers


      Nail cuticle remover tools, also known as nail cuticle remover pens, do exactly what they say – remove cuticles. While there are many chemical options available, the only way to fully keep your cuticles healthy and clean is with a proper utensil.

      A cuticle is essentially a dead layer of skin. As with any dead skin, it should be removed. And from an aesthetic angle, the clean removal of your cuticles will make your nails look longer. Overall, removing cuticles helps to keep your cuticles looking better.

      Zamberg offers several nail cuticle remover tools. Most are made with stainless steel edges which allow the cuticles to be pushed then scraped along the rounded edge of each nail to remove the dead skin. We also offer the award-winning GERMANIKURE glass manicure stick. This tool, made from Bohemian glass, has a tapered end allowing access to small, creviced areas, and a textured slanted end allowing for the safe scraping of dead cuticle tissue or hardened skin.