Rasps & Files


      Corn planes with removable rasps (callus shavers), pedicure razor blades, and pedicure files are used to remove corns and calluses from the feet, and also to remove thick and dry layers of dead skin tissue. In Zamberg you can find all these podiatrist callus removal tool and buy them online.

      Why is so important to shave dead skin and calluses off feet? While some regard foot care more for the vanity aspect, the reasons go well beyond improvement of foot appearance. As dead skin begins to build up on feet, it gets harder which makes it more difficult and painful to remove at a later time. If the buildup is not removed, it will lessen foot sensitivity and begin to crack, which leads to increased pain and possible swelling. It can become very uncomfortable to walk, and walking is among the most necessary and healthy of activities for most people.

      All these pedicure tools are used by podiatrists every day in their work. I can easily buy all these tools for at-home foot care with just a few clicks and save time and money by avoiding visits to a podiatrist.

      What types of tools for removing calluses and dead skin can you buy at Zamberg?

      • callus shavers (corn planes);
      • professional pedicure files;
      • callus shaver blades;
      • corn scrapers;
      • rasps.

      Foot care tools by such fine German companies as Gosol and Timor. We also offer 10-packs of replacement blades by Erbe. To file more manageable calluses and dead tissue buildup and utilize regular maintenance, we recommend the GERMANIKURE line of files and pedicure bars. These glass bars are handcrafted in the Czech Republic and made of thick Bohemian glass to make them highly durable. They can be used wet or dry, in any direction, and GERMANIKURE even offers Sungienic pedicure bars and files which fully sterilize after only an hour in direct sunlight.