Shaving Brushes


      We wish every one of our customers could have a pop-up barber shop in their house, just to experience a true quality shave without applying toxic, chemically treated lubricant from a rusted can. Instead, smelling and feeling the joy of pleasurable and effective lather applied by a quality shaving brush.

      Shaving brushes help to generate a much richer lather. The brush and cream mix with the air to help lift hair off the face better than cheaper chemicals. The friction also helps to heat the skin which in turn provides better lubrication by opening pores.

      Today, the majority of shaving brushes, and all of the ones sold at discount stores and online, are made of synthetic materials. To experience the true joy of lathering, you must use a shaving brush made of natural fibers. Zamberg offers a number of options which feature real badger hair and bristles. If you are looking for a true, traditional wet shave, badger hair is the standard and only real choice. Unlike the cheap imitations, you can expect these natural fiber brushes to last as long as 15 years if well maintained.