Best Pedicure Tools at Home

Home pedicures are getting much more popular. This is partly due to the after-effects of the pandemic, and partly because of increased availability of high quality pedicure tools. Zamberg, being one of those options with an extensive beauty tool catalog, also provides the highest quality products for a home pedicure at 40-60% less than most fine retailers.

Here, we want to talk a little about the specific tools needed, then discuss how to do a pedicure at home, and finally how to keep your home pedicure tools clean, protected, and sterile. Our discussion will center on average feet, which up to 95% of people will have. This would include small to medium calluses, and non-infected toenails. Look for our other discussions for help and advice for treating more serious foot and toenail issues.

The Essential Tools for Home Pedicure

Pedicure bars are the best and safest way to remove calluses. You will want to use a glass pedicure bar, and choose a size that you are comfortable with. The pedicure bar is great for callouses because it is non-abrasive. One side is more coarse to remove tough calluses, and the other side is smoother to finish off both calluses and toenails. Toenail clippers are the most popular option to cut toenails. Since many toenails are thick, it is essential that your toenail clipper of choice is made of a thicker steel. Look for super hard steel, and a pin-and-post assembly, not hooks. Hooks, or other cheap methods of assembly, will easily break and fall apart. You'll find many great options at Zamberg, but do not “bargain hunt” for toenail clippers. They will break apart fast and dull even faster. If you prefer cutting over clipping, we suggest a pair of high quality nippers made of high carbon stainless steel. This “surgical steel” will stay sharp for decades. And unlike scissors, the nippers can be used easily with either hand.

The Home Pedicure Process

how to disinfect pedicure tools at home

Always soak your feet before starting a pedicure! We know you probably know this already, but sometimes even pedicure “regulars” bypass this step to save time. It is very important to soften up your feet and toenails before cutting nails or removing and smoothing callouses. When you cut your toenails, cut them straight across and NEVER cut into the corners. This is the primary reason people develop ingrown toenails, which often leads to infection. Once you remove callouses and cut your toenails, use the softer side of the glass pedicure bar to smooth the skin and finish off the toenails.

Pedicure Tool Maintenance

Please always remember to clean your tools after each use. For home pedicure tools, soapy warm water is usually sufficient, as is soaking your tools in Barbicide to sterilize them. Once cleaned, make sure all tools are thoroughly dry before storing. Each pedicure tool should be stored with appropriate protection. We recommend leather cases or sleeves for individual tools or kits. You can buy pedicure tools, your own cases at Zamberg separately, and many individual items we offer also come with their own protective leather case or sleeve.

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