Best Professional Manicure Tools

Zamberg works with many “brand ambassadors” from top manicure product brands, and our staff is always in contact with leading nail professionals and nail journalists, many of which are our regular customers. These professionals tell us a question they often get from nail enthusiasts is how can they get that “professional look” at home?

We feel that we are in a unique space to help answer that question, and it all starts with manicure tools. Just like you cannot win on the PGA golf tour with Walmart clubs, you cannot get a professional manicure look with cheap manicure tools. Most manicure tools sold at drug stores, big-box retailers, and even Amazon are at best, disposable, and at worst, useless and even harmful. Amazon is a wild-card here, because a quick search on “professional nail manicure tools” at Amazon yields over 10,000 results. Yes, some of the finest manicure tools are available on Amazon, but most are junk (for lack of a better term), and it can be hard to sift through if you don't search for a particular brand. Even many that claim to be “professional” can be likened to “gourmet” food options at your local dollar store.

True professional, high quality manicure tools require certain characteristics, including the finest steel (preferably high carbon stainless steel to remain razor sharp and rustproof for decades), precision (mass-produced manicure tools will never come close to the precision and engineering of fine, handmade tools), and a method to keep them protected, like leather cases. These are three attributes that Zamberg details on every product description. If descriptions say or hint otherwise, you are not getting a “professional” quality manicure tool. Several of our finest brands, including GERMANIKURE, offer the finest quality manicure tools for both home and professional use, and the relationships we have with these brands keeps pricing affordable.

Along with quality, it's important to utilize the right tools. Using another PGA analogy, your golf bag carries a lot of clubs, but if you keep a few “hybrid” clubs (ones that can serve multiple purposes), you need way fewer clubs. One essential, professional tool that fits this hybrid definition is GERMANIKURE'S glass manicure stick. It has been called a “game changer,” unsolicited, by a true leading industry professional, and it won a Health Magazine “Best Product” award in 2020. This tool handles nail and cuticle care efficiently and effectively. Another GERMANIKURE product, Cuticle Nissors, is a combination cuticle scissors and cuticle nippers, enabling one tool to act as a cutting tool for nails and cuticles, paired with a unique plier handle that allows for a more comfortable and secure grip than traditional scissors.

It really comes down to personal preference when deciding how many manicure tools you need, but having some form of file, scissor, nipper, and cuticle utensil is a great start. You can always start small with a few hybrid tools, and build from there. Where you cannot start “small” is with quality. We hope these tips help you find the perfect manicure tools for home or salon use that will consistently generate those “professional” results. The Zamberg staff is highly knowledgable with the intricacies of these tools, and we are here for your questions.

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