Choosing the Best Nail File

About Nail Files

When we talk about nail files, there are only two types that we would recommend to our customers. CRYSTAL GLASS NAIL FILES, and TRIPLE-CUT FILES. Any other nail file will damage both your nails, and your wallet. With nail files, there is no other honest, sensible option. Here's why.

Emery boards, regular metal files, and wooden nail files all glue their texture on. Those textures can be minerals like sapphire, ruby, or diamond, but they are all irregular and jagged. With constant peaks and valleys, they begin to chip and gouge your nails with the first filing, getting worse with each subsequent filing as the glued on texture begins to unglue. You will have to use many, many, MANY replacement files each year (or month), with each file doing even more damage to your nails. And with emery boards, you'll need several of these “nail gougers” in different grits, much like sandpaper, to get a final smoothness (albeit a badly damaged smoothness). You will spend more money (and pain) in several months than you would with a quality nail file that will last decades.

Emery board nail file vs sapphire

Choose one of these files.

Glass Nail Files.

Zamberg is proud to feature the entire GERMANIKURE crystal glass nail file line. With all products made from the same high quality Bohemian glass and produced in the Czech Republic, there is a file for every need and every level of nail professional (and industry or amateur nail artist). While some may fear that the glass will be easy to break, that is incorrect. You'll see fake glass nail files with sprayed on texture that measure 2mm thick, or are made of cheap glass in China, but the GERMANIKURE files are a full 3mm thick, quality Czech glass, making them unbreakable under normal manicure conditions.

For as little as ten bucks, you can have a crystal glass nail file that will last for decades. Instead of chipping nails, the chemically etched glass file seals your nails, making your nails healthier! And the texture will never come off, or dull. No gouging, or tearing of nails, just a perfect texture every time.

We could truly write a book on the benefits of GERMANIKURE crystal glass nail files, but to fully understand how they can change your life, you need to try them. You'll find them to be highly durable and hard to break, functional, sterilizable, and you will be able to use them in any direction. They can be used wet or dry, and many come with motivational phrases and mantras of your choice, sandblasted onto the glass. Not only are you making your nails healthier with every filing, you're also being inspired! And look for specialized crystal glass files that are tailored for babies, or shaped and sized to address every nail filing need.

Sapphire nail file vs Glass vs Steel

Triple-Cut Files.

Owning a triple-cut stainless steel nail file is like owning a piece of history that may soon go away. Traditional grooving machines in Solingen Germany have been around for the last century, but they take highly skilled artisans to operate and to keep them running. With a market now saturated with lesser-quality, cheaper-metal files, it is only a matter of time before these files become extinct. Fortunately, Zamberg still has a full inventory of these heirloom quality steel nail files.

Using high carbon, or cobalt, steel, the triple-cut stainless steel nail files feel special because of the unique texture. These files are cut from a single sheet of metal, with criss-cross and horizontal grooves cut right into the steel itself meaning no coatings to wear out. The double-sided grooves allow enough friction to use on artificial nails, and a soft enough flex to prevent damage to natural nails. The grooves are smoothly cut, creating texture and consistency that is not possible to achieve with modern machinery. The pointed tip allows for cleaning debris under the nail, while the rounded handle can be used to safely push back cuticles, making them highly efficient. And, these sustainable files will last a lifetime!

Our last two words on nail files – Planned Obsolescence.

We live in a much different world than we did decades ago. How long will your new Waterpik last? How about your cell phone, when it can no longer handle new app and operating system updates? Or thousands of other products made to last a specific time frame to ensure the constant turnover of re-buying these products? Zamberg is proud to offer products like the highest quality nail files that will last decades by companies that do not subscribe to planned obsolescence.

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