Crystal, Metal, or Sapphire Nail Files - Which Type is Best

If you want to maintain your beautiful nails, you need the best and most effective tools for a proper manicure. Now, you don’t have to use your ordinary nail file; instead, you can prefer trendy and innovative nail files for your manicure and nail care. But first let’s talk about the material from which nail files are made of.

What is a Nail File Made of?

When it comes to nail health, quality matters. It’s time to throw away the emery boards for good. These files are typically made from a cardboard or foam core with an abrasive coating made of tiny particles of sand or other materials. While convenient, these files lack durability. They can become worn down and lose their effectiveness quickly, meaning you may need to use multiple files for one nail filing session. Ultimately, they get thrown away after a few uses where they contribute to plastic waste in landfills and oceans.

Nail-professionals recommended high quality nail tools to get a perfect manicure or nail care at home. For that you should choose the right nail file. We recommend investing in a higher quality, longer-lasting nail file made of crystal, metal, or sapphire. With these options, not only will you get a salon quality finish, but you will minimize waste as well.

Read this article to find out some trendy and different types of nail files and which one is best for your nails.

Crystal Nail Files

Crystal Glass Nail File Set

Yes, you heard it right! Сrystal glass nail files are also available in the market to buff and shape your nails perfectly at home. They are gaining popularity due to their benefits and ease of use. They are better than crystal emery boards or buffing blocks and contribute to better nail health.

Do you know that salon professionals recommend young ladies file their nails in one direction? This is because filing your nails back and forth shreds or peels the layers of keratin in your nails. For this reason, glass nail files help seal the keratin in your nails, irrespective of the direction of filing. Moreover, they are a long-term investment and can easily be cleaned and disinfected with some soap and water.

Metal Nail Files

Metal Nail File

Are you looking for strong, durable, and reusable nail files? Metal nail files are the best solution in this regard. They are eco-friendly and provide a modern and smooth look to your nails. Your nails are extremely safe with metal nail files, as they are non-porous and protect your nails from fungus and bacteria.

They are known to be the cheapest yet most professional nail filers you can find and require minimal maintenance. Metal nail files used to be very abrasive and sharp to the nails in the past, but now they are much better quality, giving your nails a smoother final look.

Sapphire Nail Files

Sapphire Nail File

As you might know, sapphire nail files have a metal base and are best for thicker and stronger nails, specifically for the acrylic tips of your pretty nails. The sapphire grit ensures a perfect for repairing your broken nails immediately. Many people pay no attention to the material from which a nail file is made, but it’s very important for your nail health.

Sapphire nail files are multitasking nail files, with one end pointed and made to clean all the dirt from your cuticles, while the other end can be used to push your cuticles and file your nails at the same time. It is one of the best investments for personal grooming, and you'll love this product.

Which Type of Nail File is Best?

Now we have discussed some useful, trendy, and beneficial types of nail files, and you must be wondering which type of nail file is best. We know you need a salon-quality manicure at home, so choose the best file for your nails. Zamberg sells all the types mentioned above, stocking files from the highest-quality sources and preferred by professionals. You will have no problem providing a healthy manicure look, and giving a perfect finish to your nails.

We hope this article helped you fulfill your wish of having salon-style nail care at home and you will choose the best nail file for your manicure needs.

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