Cuticle Care

Cuticle Care

If you have ever gotten a hangnail (and they can be mighty painful), then the chances are good that you have been the self-inflicted victim of poor cuticle care. After all, hangnails are actually dry pieces of cuticles that can be avoided with some basic cuticle attention.

Cuticles are important! They are the skin at the base of each of your fingernails. They provide a barrier so that dirt and debris do not get under the skin and nail. Over the past decade, one of the biggest conundrums in the manicure world has been whether or not to cut cuticles. It seems the “experts” are very much split, with some stressing that cutting cuticles is not healthy – period. Some recognize the need to keep cuticles neat and trimmed to reduce fraying, but making them look neat and clean takes practice and a skilled hand. Even the process of “pushing” cuticles is time-consuming and not always effective. Here at Zamberg, we are excited about offering a glass manicure (cuticle) stick by GERMANIKURE that celebrity manicurists have called an absolute “game changer” in cuticle maintenance. The glass stick exfoliates dead cuticle skin gently and safely, with no cutting or ripping into living tissue. This is the fastest and safest way we have witnessed to a life with healthy clean cuticles.

Here are some other helpful hints to help cuticles help you!

Keep Cuticles Moist

Dryness causes more cuticle problems than anything else, including those dreaded hangnails! The easiest way to avoid cuticle dryness is to simply massage cuticle oil or a moisturizing hand cream into the cuticles on a regular basis. Don't just apply – massage! Using nail polish and other lacquers more than once a week can also speed up cuticle dryness, so please keep aware and give your cuticles a much-needed rest if dryness symptoms persist.

Stop Biting Cuticles

We know, you probably don't this but we have to warn you just in case you do. Biting them, nervously picking at them, or any other mistreatment will make the skin around them dry up and peel, leaving the fingers highly vulnerable to infection.

Groom your Cuticles

A glass manicure stick, or a high quality cuticle pusher or cuticle remover purchased through Zamberg (and used properly) will allow you to gently push back cuticles and to remove any dead skin that flakes off. But remember, never bite off or rip out hangnails. That will cause damage. You can also make the grooming easier by softening up the cuticles before any treatment. Massage a small amount of warmed up olive oil into the cuticles, or mix two drops of Eucalyptus and Jojoba oil softener. Either will help make cuticle care more manageable.

Avoid Infection

Red, swollen, or itchy/irritated cuticles could mean an allergic reaction to some nail treatment you are using, or chemical cleaning products that come into contact with your fingers. Wearing gloves when doing housework can help, but it is best to try and identify the cause and stop using that product. If you ever feel your cuticles have become severely inflamed or infected, we recommend you visit a dermatologist. Do not leave cuticle infection untreated, as serious problems could occur.

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