Do you need Left-Handed Scissors?

If you have ever shopped for manicure nail scissors at Zamberg, you may have asked yourself the million-dollar scissor question:

 “Why doesn't Zamberg sell left-handed scissors?”

The answer might surprise you. We don't sell them because you really don't need them. Let's do a little “Scissor 101” discussion, then talk about a way to use a regular pair of scissors effectively on both hands.

 How Scissors work.

Many people still choose scissors over clippers to cut nails because they are the healthiest option for nails, offering a nice, clean cut and requiring little filing. Of the two scissor blades that pivot together, the overlapping (or top) blade identifies if the scissors are right-handed or left-handed. Scissors start cutting when the blades meet, where the point of meeting moves from near the pivot screw to the tip. The blades gradually shift and shear, staying very close with just a microscopic gap.

 If you use the wrong scissor in the wrong hand, the unnatural hand action will cause the blades to gap significantly when opened and closed which will damage your nails. This is because right-handed or left-handed scissors are made to work with the natural motion of each hand. The correct motion keeps blades close, the opposite motion gaps (pulls away) the blades.

 With one simple adjustment, you can use the same pair of scissors on BOTH hands.

 The Alternate Grip.

An alternate grip requires you to “flip” your scissor blades 180 degrees down in your opposite hand. Once flipped, the blades will actually end up almost parallel to your hand, instead of projecting outward and away from your hand. Trust us when we say it will not be the most comfortable grip initially, but after a little time and practice it will become second nature and automatic. And, it works great once mastered. For a visual demonstrate on this 180 degree flip, we offer a short video:

One other alternate option – NISSORS.

GERmanikure offers a state-of-the-art, world-class, ambidextrous combination nipper and scissor tool which is branded as Nissors. Made in Solingen Germany with the finest high carbon surgical steel, Nissors share the blade structure of scissors with the same overlapping blade design, and match that with a nipper-style palm grip. The palm grip only requires a simple squeeze, unlike scissors which involve either the pushing or pulling of blades. The technology of Nissors allows them to be used equally well in either hand.

 Whatever your scissor choice, Zamberg offers the right solution and the best pricing. We'd be happy to work with you to ensure your choice gives you a lifetime of the finest cuts and healthiest nails.


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