Eyebrow Maintenance at Home

With more and more people and beauty enthusiasts turning to home beauty care these days, eyebrow shaping and maintaining eyebrows at home has become a big part of normal grooming routines.

We'd like to start this discussion with three important “do's and don'ts” for eyebrow shaping and care at home.

  • Use ONLY high quality tweezers to pluck eyebrows at home.
  • Start your home eyebrow maintenance by removing the least amount of hair as possible.
  • Do not bleach your eyebrows like Kendall Jenner did at the 2022 Met Gala!


To quickly address our third bullet above, we found it amazing that out of all the fashion and glamour presented at the recent Met Gala, some of the most press we saw was because a top model bleached her eyebrows. We recommend you leave the eyebrow bleaching to professionals and attention-seekers!

But, as crazy as that Met Gala press might have seemed, there is no question that it made a massive amount of people take more notice of their own eyebrows, making them consider what they can do to maintain their eyebrows at home.

Do not scrimp on tweezers!

We strongly recommend that everyone reading this should pluck your eyebrows at home with high quality tweezers. Your eyebrows are very delicate, and it will be much harder to control the proper trimming with scissors. While tweezers are one of the easiest and cheapest beauty tools to buy at any discount store or website, buying cheaply made tweezers is bad for your health, and your beauty.

How many times have you squeezed a pair of tweezers to remove unwanted hair, or pluck eyebrows, only to have your fingers slip because the tweezers are not properly aligned? Or, you squeezed too hard that you either bent the cheap steel or the tweezers gapped open? These issues happen with cheaply made tweezers as early as the first use. Zamberg only sells high quality tweezers, made with extra hard stainless steel, by companies like Germanikure, Niegeloh, Premax, DOVO, and Malteser.

Let's talk a little eyebrow shaping, and plucking, at home

You've purchased a quality pair of tweezers, and you have trained your mind to only allow removing the least amount of hair to start. Make sure you clean your eyebrows and surrounding area thoroughly before plucking, and pluck any stray hairs outside the normal eyebrow structure first. Always pluck hairs in the same direction that they grew in. This helps to avoid the possibility of ingrown hairs.

For shaping, we recommend trimming hairs to remain within your natural brow-lines, at least to start. For a more radical departure from your current brow-lines, you might want to consult a professional. Keep it simple and we are confident you will be pleased with clean, trimmed eyebrows shaped at home.

If you are new to eyebrow shaping at home, be patient. Eyebrow hairs will grow back fast, so you will have ample opportunities to achieve your perfect eyebrow appearance at home as you become more comfortable with the process.

Again, the key is to use high quality tweezers and to start slowly. Before long, maintaining and shaping eyebrows at home will be as basic as trimming your nails, or washing your face.

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