Getting a Safer Treatment at the Salon

Since the Covid pandemic was declared in March of 2020, this topic of conversation has taken on even greater importance. Now, besides concern with salons using possibly unsanitized or cheaper quality tools which risks cuts and infections, people need to worry about social distancing, masks, and salon cleanliness.

Covid has changed the game.

Like every other business, salons have needed to redefine their workplace which goes far beyond the obvious concerns like distancing and sanitized utensils. As a business which opens its doors to a variety of customers, the salon need to regularly clean and disinfect everything from inside and outside door knobs, bathrooms, waiting seats and waiting room, salon chairs, salon tables, and any other frequently visited or touched area within the salon. And each salon employee also needs to wash and clean their hands, face, and their salon space after every appointment. Some salons have even invested into redesigning their spaces with partitions, and better spacing of their work stations.

While many people have taken this time to practice and learn their own manicure and pedicure skills at home, others simply do not have the time, energy, or skill needed and will continue to patronize salons. For these people, we can offer a few suggestions and advice to make your salon trip as safe as possible.

Bring your own tools. This is a trend that has picked up steam over the past decade, but has accelerated even more since Covid. Zamberg offers some of the highest quality, full manicure and pedicure kits at every price level. Bringing your own kit to your next salon appointment means your tools will never touch another's nail or skin but your own. You can keep your own tools sanitized and clean, and enjoy the peace of mind that goes with it. Some salons even offer personal lockers for regular customers to store their tools on site.

Pick the right salon. A little research goes a long way. You would be surprised at how many unsanitary salons are legally operating. If you've seen one, then maybe you wouldn't be surprised. Your research can be in person, by seeing what tools a salon uses, and how they sanitize tools (look for sanitation methods beyond just soaking tools in blue liquid, and tools that are not made in Pakistan or China), or online. Google is your friend, as is social media. Read reviews, and contact salons with questions. Many will advertise their Covid procedures and changes as soon as you visit their website. Find out what they are doing to keep their customers safe before visiting, and once there do more investigation before a return visit.

Whether you plan to continue visiting salons, or perfect your salon methodology at home, we encourage you to check out the many manicure and pedicure kits Zamberg offers. You will be pleasantly surprised at the value, and it's a great way to both look and feel better as you continue practices to remain healthy.

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