How can I cut my newborn's nails at home?

There are two facts about a baby's nails that parents learn fast (sometimes the hard way) within weeks of the baby being born.

  1. A baby's nails are very sharp.
  2. Those sharp baby's nails grow really fast.

Once these facts are out of the bag to new parents, we often get asked the question, “When can you cut a baby's nails?”

In this article, we'd like to use the knowledge (and tips) we have acquired over the years about trimming a baby's nails, and using baby safety nail scissors. As a company that places healthy nail care above all else, we feel we are the perfect experts to share what we have learned.

When can you cut your baby's nails, and how often?

Parents begin trimming a newborn baby's finger and toenails as early as one month after being born, and there are few things more delicate than a baby's hands and feet. These super sharp baby nails grow fast! It would seem the average time between trims is about a week, but can range from every couple of days, to up to two weeks. Every baby is different, but it is important to keep a baby's nails trimmed to avoid any mishaps.

What is the best way to cut a baby's nails?

We feel baby nail scissors are the safest and best way to cut a baby's nails. Baby nail scissors have many features that help to ensure safety. These scissors, while made of fine quality hard steel, have rounded edges to prevent cuts and potentially harmful cutting mistakes. They are smaller than adult scissors, and the blades are shorter to provide a more gentle and comfortable cut. And because it is difficult to keep a baby attentive, many of the baby nail scissors Zamberg offers come in attractive colors and designs to help keep the baby attentive and amused.

Regular, adult scissors and clippers should never be used on a baby. Adult tools are made for adults, which have much larger fingers and toes.

Before purchasing, please confirm the quality of the steel, and that the metals are rust-proof and do not contain any additives that could cause an allergic reaction. Zamberg is proud to offer only the finest products for your baby.

Some tips on the how to cut your baby's nails with scissors.

While we didn't “write the book” on the best way to use baby nail scissors safely and effectively, our years of research and real world experience have led to five tips that should make your experience easier.

✔️ Tip #1 – Visibility

Experts and new parents all agree that it is critical to cut a baby's nails in a well-lit area. This is one of the key elements to best avoid any cutting mishaps.

✔️ Tip #2 – Don't Go it Alone

Babies can be fidgety, and lose attention fast. Sudden movements of the baby's hands and fingers could cause the scissors to flinch from your hands. Working with someone helps to keep the cutter focused on the cutting, and the helper focused on the baby.

✔️ Tip #3 – Distract and Relax

Used in conjunction with tip #2, babies need to be relaxed and calm to keep their fingers from moving while cutting the nails. Keeping the baby's attention away from the nail cutting is the best way. Some experts even suggest cutting a baby's nails while they are sleeping, but we don't have enough “data” on that one to recommend it just yet.

✔️Tip #4 – The Finger Pad

This is a tip every expert agrees on. Gently pull the baby's finger pad away from the nail, to create separation between the end of the nail and the baby's skin, and to minimize the chance of cutting the baby's finger.

✔️Tip #5 – Cut Straight Across

Perhaps this should have been tip #1, but we hope you have read Zamberg's other articles that always recommend nails always be cut straight across, and never too deep into corners. Cutting into corners, or cutting too short, can cause possible infections and bleeding. The importance of cutting across magnifies with a baby's nails.

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