How to Choose Salon Quality Pedicure Tools

When we try to define salon quality tools, we tend to ask ourselves a question. If we were sitting in a trusted and well-respected salon for a manicure or pedicure, would the tools we see about to touch our skin and nails make us feel good, and confident, about our choice of salon? 

While overall salon cleanliness and skill level of the salon professional is important, as is a sparkling personality and welcoming smile (much like the members of the current Zamberg staff – smile), the tools they use can make or break your salon experience.

The quality of pedicure tools matters as much as any other salon tool, as does trusting a supplier. We love Amazon, and some of Zamberg's finest brands have Amazon stores, but shopping blindly at a large online or big-box retailer is a risk without searching for a specific brand or detail.  One of the first five choices from an Amazon search for “salon quality pedicure tools” suggested a foot file with heel scraper, and most important, a “dead skin catcher” included, all for $6.99. This plastic-looking “tool” received 4.5 stars and the product title started with “Salon quality.” If we ever saw this tool brought out at a reputable salon and was about to touch our feet, we would run out of there so fast we'd likely leave barefooted. And, the product description tells you there is no need to pre-soak feet – the file is sharp enough to just start scraping right out of the box!

If we haven't totally turned you off to pedicure tools, we just wanted to emphasize the importance of due diligence, and trust in retailers.

Every product offered at Zamberg is curated by our expert staff, with less than a handful of trusted manufacturers which supply pedicure tools to the finest salons in the world. The glass pedicure bars we offer are made of the finest, genuine Czech glass, and are protected with soft suede cases. These thick, gentle glass bars are double-sided with textures to handle tougher calluses, then smooth skin and even finish off toenails.

Toenails are thicker than fingernails. Toenail clippers require very hard steel, like high carbon (surgical) stainless steel. The clipper should also have a wider blade, longer handle, and should be fastened with a pin-and-post, never with a clip. Zamberg offers buy pedicure tools - several top-quality toenail clippers in various shapes, sizes, and prices, both as standalone items and also part of larger manicure and pedicure sets.

If you are not a “clipper person,” we suggest a pair of high carbon stainless steel toenail nippers or toenail scissors. Every pair available at Zamberg is true salon quality, and come with various handles, jaw shapes and sizes, and are also sold both standalone and in sets.

salon pedicure tools

If you search on the finest pedicure tool brands, you will unquestionably come across names like GERMANIKURE, Erbe, and Dovo as leaders in the field. Zamberg offers these brands, and others. It should take a great deal of research, testing, and actual relationships with manufacturers for a retailer to offer products worthy of their valued customers. This is exactly the Zamberg blueprint for curating product lines, and the brands we offer will provide you with the salon quality pedicure tools your feet deserve. Guaranteed.

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